Graines d'octets / Goffredo

Hey, where are you?

I am still in Abu Dhabi, I thought you knew that.

Still there? You said one year, and it was more than one year ago.

Yes, but they asked me to stay here.

And when do

I will be here until 2015.


Wow, indeed.

2015!! And what happened to the Pôle? You said that

Life is what happens while you are making plans, as they said.
The Pôle Créatif as we knew it does not exist anymore: I moved to Abu Dhabi and Graines d’Octets moved from Épinay-sur-Orge to the new premises in Fontainebleau.

But you still have clients in France, do you?

Yes and they continue to be served with style. I am continuing my consultancy job with Graines d’Octets in France, exactly as we did for years; sure, now the weekly meeting happens via Skype and it is unlikely that me and Laurent meet on the way to the office on our motorbikes.
But the quality of the work has not changed a bit.

Let’s say I need a logo design or a web consultancy from you, where should I

All accounts are handled by Laurent at Graines d’Octets. You can contact him here.
We have also established a strong network of business partners in Europe and added new accounts outside France.
We are particularly happy and proud that our long lasting friendship with Massimiliano Sagrati is now a partnership with HumusDesign, one of the coolest branding firm in Italy, based in my hometown of Rome. Massimiliano was the best in my design class (many, many years ago...), and we founded together our first design studio. So if you are in Italy, you can reach me through them.

2015, you said… So you really like it there, uh?

I am teaching (learning) visual design to (from) some of the brightest kids on the planet; in a beautiful campus, with extraordinary colleagues and staff. And now it’s March and I am in t-shirt in the garden.
Yes, I love it. Oh, and I am learning arabic calligraphy in the meanwhile.

Will you ever seriously update this site?

Come on, technically, this is un update! :-)
Take care and stay in touch,

Goffredo Puccetti

Abu Dhabi, March 2013