Graines d'octets / Goffredo

Hey, what’s this view?

That is Abu Dhabi, seen from Saadiyat Island.

You are still there?! Weren’t you supposed to come back at some point in 2015?

Yes, but they asked me to stay here.

Wow, the view is even more impressive than the previous one. Are you ever coming back?

I will be here until 2019 for sure. Then, who knows?


Wow, indeed.

But how can you handle the business in Europe from there?

Well, to be honest, it’s kind of a Friday thing, where I just nod in approval over Skype, checking the amazing work carried on by my partners Graines d’Octets in Fontainebleau, and HumusDesign in Rome. And then I do something more when we handle clients in this part of the world.

Do you have clients in the Gulf?

Yes. You can ask Massimiliano about the amazing work that Humus Design is doing in the region.
For me, I will just show you the best italian restaurant in Dubai. I go there every week pretending to check the visual identity we designed…

So, say, I want you to design a logo for me?

If you are in France, all accounts are handled by Laurent at Graines d’Octets. You can contact him here.
If you are in Italy, you can reach me through Massimiliano at HumusDesign.

Ok. So you’ll be there until 2019. So you really like it there, uh?

I am teaching (learning) visual design to (from) some of the brightest kids on the planet; in a beautiful campus, with extraordinary colleagues and staff.
Yes, I love it. Oh, and I am learning arabic calligraphy in the meanwhile.

And what about your research on design?

I suggest you keep an eye on Mangrovia-Collective, the Design blog where I publish articles on Visual Design with Roberto Casati.

Will you ever seriously update this site? I mean, how can we keep in touch?

Well, again, technically, this is un update! And you might want to follow me on Twitter: @goffredodotcom
Take care and stay in touch,

Goffredo Puccetti
Saadiyat Island, May 2016